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Modern World Terrorism

Page II

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Unfortunately, terrorists have the ability to train almost anywhere because no one really knows who is a terrorists until they attack. They have trained anywhere from the Hamburg Cell in Germany to the own country's soil in which they are about to attack. The reason no one knows a terrorists from an ordinary person is because for the most part they lead ordinary lives. They generally attend school and have a good education, such as Osama Bin Laden being a well-educated man. The only difference is that terrorists are willing to die for what they believe in.

Radical Muslims believe that by killing themselves for their God they are greeted by 72 virgins in heaven. There is no problem with this belief realistically, because no one can provide tangible evidence to prove them wrong; just like no one can find tangible evidence to prove heaven even exists. Most importantly though, terrorists' attacks usually occur to prove a point, either politically or religiously. The terrorists' attacks in England directly coincided with the G8 summit that was to take place there, showing the terrorists' disagreement with this political group.

Terrorists today are not insane people; no one can say whose beliefs are right or wrong. Unfortunately though, they have different ways of using these beliefs for violence. The most important thing is that terrorists today are not just from radical Muslims, but from a variety of nations across the world.