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Modern World Terrorism
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Terrorism today is at its highest point ever in world history. Is there a reason? Is there one target?

For years, terrorism was not something shown by the public, but rather repression by the government. Terrorists began to train in guerilla warfare across the world by the 1960's. The most known group of terrorists are the radical Muslims who attacked the United States, but they are not all of them. Such as, the Provisional Irish Republican Army wanted Britain to leave their country so they could be more nationalistic. There are also Palestinians who targeted the destruction of Israel and to heighten their own country.
Modern day technology has made it easier for a terrorist to attack. Guns and other weapons of great destruction did not used to come by so readily. Terrorists can not only highjack planes, but also suicide bomb, take people hostage, and kidnap easily. Suicide bombing is the most widely recognized, for you can take out a group of people with just one person. Another major problem with suicide bombing is the destruction of buildings, for they are able to run into any building lobby and detonate themselves.

Many Americans have a common misconception that all terrorists want death to America, although this is not the case. A large portion of terrorists try to find things that are unclean, or too controlling to hate. They look at the world as too materialistic and look for the people who started this age of materialism. There is no doubt that America is the leader in that category.

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